Event Schedule Welcome to our events page. Here is a list of all the great events to be held by ZimHack.

  • 25 -27 April, 2019 Innovators Forum
  • 12 -15 July, 2018 Hackathons
  • Coming Soon Bootcamps
  • Coming Soon Data Science Masterclasses
  • Coming Soon Innovation Master Classes
  • Coming Soon Meet-Up Sessions

Innovators Forum

   25 -27 April, 2019

   zitf tea room

ZITF 2019 - Empowering innovative minds!

The ZITF Company invites you to participate in the ZITF Innovators Forum, which seeks to promote and empower young Zimbabwe entrepreneurs and inventors. The forum is open to all young innovators and ethusiasts who have ground breaking and innovative projects in Agriculture and Industrial Technology. Selection of projects will be based on abstracts and concept note sent through to this email pr1@zitf.co.za.
Entrance is for free.


   12 -15 July, 2018

   TelOne Center for Learning Harare

Are you a young software designer?

Interested in being part of the Hackathon in Harare? To further your data skills and develop innovative solutions that will support the design and development of mobile money products in Zimbabwe, join us for a Hackathon where you will receive mentoring, skills training and the chance to develop a solution that could change mobile financial services in Zimbabwe.


   Coming soon

   Venue to be announced

Coding bootcamps are immersive training programs that help students from all backgrounds transition into a tech career. Since they started in 2012, these private education courses have been training software engineers with very positive job placement and salary outcomes.

Data Science Masterclasses

   Coming soon

   Venue to be announced

Preparing you for the role of a data scientist by offering practical sessions in statistics, data science, big data, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. These sessions will be facilitated by our expert data scientists with global experience.

Innovation Master Classes

   Coming soon

   Venue to be announced

The innovation masterclass Is a comprehensive session that covers key topics you need to understand in order to build an enterprise innovation practice.

Meet-Up Sessions

   Coming soon

   Venue to be announced

A platform that attracts experts and enthusiast from across industry, government, academia and technology that are looking for new ideas, new collaborators and an opportunity to create meaningful connections.

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